Somali Stock Exchange together with UN Women Ring the Bell for Gender Equality  

The Somali Stock Exchange in partnership with UN Women hosts it’s 3rd annual ‘Ring the Bell for Gender Equality’. This year’s event was participated by over 50 people, including keynote speakers such as Dr. Sadiq Sayed, Head of UN Women Somalia. Hassan Dudde, CEO of Somali Stock Exchange. Zahra Ahmed, Chairwomen of African Woman Leadership Network, Somalia. Asha  Siyad, Executive Director of Somali Women in Leadership Initiative. Representatives from of Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development. Government officials, banking executives and university students/academicians.

The ‘Ring the Bell for Gender Equality’ initiative is a partnership of the SSE Initiative, the UN Global Compact, IFC, UN Women and the WFE, and has been held for 10 consecutive years.

The ‘Ring the Bell’ events are held around International Women’s Day. The objective of the Somali Stock Exchange and UN Women’s ‘Ring the Bell for Gender Equality’ event was for market opening bells ringing to raise awareness of the importance of economic empowerment for women in the area of business growth and development, as well as to highlight the role the private sector can play in creating opportunities for women in the workplace, marketplace and community, with the focus of investing in women. Encourage financial institutions to finance in female led enterprises. As well as encouraging Somali corporations to continue to enhance the capacity and knowledge of their female clients by partaking in the National Financial Literacy Initiative across the country.

As this year’s International Women’s Day 2024 theme is “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.  A panel discussion was held during the event, where the following five topics where debated.

  • Investing in women: A human rights issue
  • Ending poverty
  • Implementing gender-responsive financing
  • Shifting to a green economy and care society
  • Supporting feminist change-makers

Dr. Syed Sadiq Osman, Director of SSE, said, “It has been a proud moment for us to see Somalia participating in such great global effort and show our support in gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.”

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About Somali Stock Exchange:

The Somali Stock Exchange (SSE) was founded by the management team of Somali Economic Forum (SEF), whose principal aim is to encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Somalia’s growing economy.

We are already making history by becoming the first ever stock exchange to operate inside of Somalia, with our first shares being sold in September 2015 at the exchange headquarters.

We exist to drive economic growth for Somalia’s large Start Up and SME companies, transforming our country into a global player, as we assist companies to manage risk, raise capital, and grow local and international organizations.

About UN Women Somalia 

In Somalia, UN Women supports and works closely with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services, all needed to ensure that the gender equality standards are effectively implemented and truly beneficial to      women and girls.

The UN Women Somalia programme (2022-2025) is derived from the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Guiding Principles and Guidance, Somalia Common Country Analysis (CCA), and the CCA companion document by SDG, UN Somalia Gender Equality Strategy, and the National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325, UN Women Africa Strategy and the NDP-9 Pillars. These focus      on promoting women’s political participation and leadership – and women, peace and security agenda – with strengthening women’s access to justice, promoting durable solutions; gender in humanitarian action and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence with the focus on women IDPs and refugees, climate resilience, and advancing women’s economic empowerment adopting the triple nexus.

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